New Features in v0.5.0

By | January 3, 2014

First and foremost Happy New Year!!

Since we launched ZimStocks in October 2013 we have been working hard to make the key features available for general use so that this mobile app is part of your daily life. We have just released v0.5.0 to Google Play. Included within this version is Portfolio.


Portfolio, the first of it’s kind for Zimbabwe, allows you to monitor stock “Transactions” on your mobile device. By “Transaction” we mean an actual transaction or a scenario based record that you would like to monitor. It’s totally up to you what you record in your Portfolio, there is no commitment to buy and actual money is NOT involved. Our definition of Portfolio is a grouping of share investments in companies trading on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. From your “Transactions” the app will be able to provide you a summary of what you invested, how much it’s currently worth and the profit/return. We also analyse the individual “Transactions” to help those investors whose strategy is to “reap” when a share transaction has achieved the targeted personal rate of return/profit.


Using Portfolio on ZimStocks is really really easy, just 3 steps:

1. REGISTER: Use a valid email address to register to use Portfolio. From the Menu, touch Portfolio and you will be presented the view below:



Touch the Register button, enter your email address and touch the Register button.




2. ACTIVATE: You will receive a Welcome email with an Activation Code. If you do not see the email please check your Spam/Bulk box.  Get the Activation Code and return to the ZimStocks app (as first picture above). This time touch the Enter Activation Code button. Enter your Activation Code from the Welcome email and touch the Submit button.


After a few moments you will receive confirmation that your Portfolio has been set up. This is the view that you will see:


3. MONITOR: You are good to go at this point! To add a “Transaction” to your Portfolio, touch the ADD button (green button) and you will be presented with this simple slimmed-up form to complete (it’s very quick to complete, just follow the guide text provided):


Under Select ticker is a list of the available companies on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. When you select a company you will see the current price displayed under the space to enter the price; this is just a guide. A completed form will look like the one below:



Once you are happy with the details recorded, touch the Save button and your “Transaction” will be saved and your Portfolio updated and will now look like this (notice the new Portfolio Summary box at the top):



To edit a “Transaction” just touch the entry and an edit form will be shown (looks exactly like the ADD form). From here you can edit or delete a “Transaction”.


Take care not to enter astronomical numbers else the format breaks and the server goes up in smoke!


That’s it! Portfolio should make it easier to monitor the performance of share “Transactions”.


We hope you will enjoy using Portfolio and please let us know what you think or if you are having any challenges;


Happy investing!

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DISCLAIMER: Investing in the stock market involves a significant level of risk. Please consult a professional investment advisor who will be able to help you based on your individual circumstances. Past performance does not guarantee future income.




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