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By | June 14, 2014

I am excited to announce the release of a new version of ZimStocks,

  • v0.7.0 on Android
  • v1.2.0 on iOS (estimated 25 Jun 2014, 30 June 2014, 7 July 2014)

Our mission is to help ordinary individuals build wealth on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.


At ZimStocks we listen to our users who have told us that “trading on your own is not fun”. To address this issue we have created Discussions, a simple messaging system that allows you to create content and participate in discussions for the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange companies that you care about.

(To use discussions you must be registered for Portfolio).

To use Discussion go to Price Board from main Menu, select any Company from the list, select More and you will see a red icon in the top right of the header. This is your gateway to the Discussion! Touch a message on the list or the Green button at the bottom to see more. The red icon shows the replies for the last 7 days.


Here are the Terms and Conditions for using Discussion.


You can create a Topic of your choice which is relevant to the company. A Topic is made up of a subject, indicator, content as below.


…the indicator is your impression of whether you will buy shares in the company based on your Topic. This looks like…


…the Subject is limited to 40 characters and the content should be limited to 200 characters so use your words wisely.

This is what the Topic looks like. Replies will be listed underneath the Topic.


The icon with the letter in the Topic stands for:
B = Buy
S = Sell
H = Hold
N = None


You can reply a Topic by clicking Reply and you will be resented with a simple page to share your thoughts.


You are limited to 200 characters so make sure you use your words wisely. You can add links and the Cashtag (see below) to your message.


To enable more “joined up” Discussions we are introducing the Cashtag! It looks like this…


When you are on the Discussion for Company X you can make reference to Company Y using the Cashtag. Start typing $ and you are presented with a list of companies to choose from.


You can also add relevant links to your message, just add the link and we will shorten it for you using our new shortener, (which stands for Zimbabwe’s Number 1).


See something that is not appropriate? Touch the “Report” and a message whill be sent to our Admins who will review the message.


The categories of reports include:

  • Abusive
  • Bullying
  • Inappropriate
  • Spam


Seen an interesting Topic? Share it with your friends by touching the “Share”!


Users can view top 5 trending Companies under the Stock Insights view…


Users can also view the Top 5 trending Topics under the Business News view…


Touch any trending topic/company of your choice to view more and join in the discussion.


When you install or update ZimStocks you will see a “Tour” which gives you an overview of what the app is about and any new features.


You can access the Tour anytime from the About view.

Happy investing!


Des Chitewe & Team ZimStocks

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DISCLAIMER: Investing in the stock market involves a significant level of risk. Please consult a professional investment advisor who will be able to help you based on your individual circumstances. Past performance does not guarantee future income

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