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By | August 27, 2014

I am excited to bring you the latest update on the ZimStocks app. The team has been busy working on a number of new features that are a first for Zimbabwe.

The Mission of ZimStocks is “To help ordinary individuals build wealth on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange“.

Here is what the update contains (0.8.0 for Android and 1.3.0 iOS):

Many will agree that there was less clarity on the direction and flow as more features were added to ZimStocks. Frankly it was starting to get a bit ugly! We have now simplified the menu based on user comments and metrics.

This new menu should make it easy to use related features. Where is the stuff?…find out on the app.

The following features require you to Register for myZimStocks which you can easily do on the app by going to myZimStocks.

myZimStocks (New)
Introducing myZimStocks! myZimStocks is all about you! We have placed all the features where you provide an input under a new category called myZimStocks. Here you will find:

  • Home
  • Portfolio
  • Watchlist
  • Alerts

Here is what it all means:

myZimStocks>Home (New Feature)
Home is basically an automated tool that displays in-depth Insights* about the companies you interact with on ZimStocks. This includes companies in your Portfolio or companies you spoke about in a Discussion. Home will search for the key bits of insights about the stock price of that Company and show it to you. The insights displayed include where stock price is:

  • the highest in the last year,
  • below the average price,
  • highest or lowest in the last 5 weeks,
  • and so on.

Therefore, if you interact with a Company, Home will get the in-depth price insights for it, (where it exists). More insights will be added to Home. This feature will save you time as the insights for the Companies you care about is displayed for you.


myZimStocks> Portfolio
Portfolio is the place where you keep track of your stock “transactions”. Transactions can be real or can be those to test out a Strategy or for you to simulate a trade. Read more here,

myZimStocks > Watchlist (New Feature)
Say you want to track a Company but do not want to spend too much time going to different pages on the app then Watchlist is for you. Just add the company to your Watchlist and you can view general price information about the company. This feature will save you time because all the companies you would like to track are on one page. Home will pick these up and display further insights for you. Your Watchlist is limited to 5 companies so make them count!

myZimStocks> Alerts (New feature)
ZimStocks now offers users two types of alerts, Price Alerts and Portfolio Alerts. With Price Alerts, you instruct ZimStocks to tell you when the share price of a company goes above or falls below a certain value. With Portfolio Alerts you instruct ZimStocks to tell you when your total Portfolio goes above or falls below a certain percentage. When your alert conditions are met, ZimStocks will send you a message to your phone and email. More alert types are already being tested.



Where you have participated in a Topic discussion, ZimStocks will now send a message to your phone to notify you that someone has replied. Activity for the last 7 days is shown, just touch any message to go to the Discussion.


YOUR ACCOUNT (New Feature)
To ensure ZimStocks continues to offer you the best service possible we are now operating a Membership plan. Membership allows you to use the value added features of ZimStocks like Home, Portfolio, Watchlist, Alerts, Stock Insights. Membership is FREE for the first 30 days when you register. All existing accounts will get an extra month free (total 60 days).Pricing starts from $3.99 a month and can be paid for via Bitcoin, credit/debit card (through PayPal) and EcoCash, TeleCash and ZimSwitch Payments (via PayNow). On “Your Account” you will find your account number which you will use to pay for your Membership. We hope that you will continue to support this initiative.


We are working on a number of other features and are grateful to users who have taken time to send us their comments.

If you have further comments, questions or requests please email us on


Des Chitewe & Team ZimStocks


* An Insights is “A thought, fact, combination of facts, data and/or analysis of data that induces meaning and furthers understanding of a situation or issue that has the potential of benefiting the user or re-directing the thinking about that situation or issue which then in turn has the potential of benefiting the user” – Troy Powell Phd


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DISCLAIMER: Investing in the stock market involves a significant level of risk. Please consult a professional investment advisor who will be able to help you based on your individual circumstances. Past performance does not guarantee future income.


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